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National Alpaca Farm Day in Junction City, Oregon

Fri, Sep 25, 2009 5:43 PM

Hello Everyone!

It is the eve of 2009 National Alpaca Farm Day. We will be hosting a casual farm day both Saturday and Sunday. 12-6 on Saturday and 9-6 on Sunday.

We'll have all the Moms and crias out front for all to watch and interact with. We have 8 crias age 5 days to 4 months. They are beautiful and very active.

We'll also have some gift items available for sale as well as lots of beautuful huacaya fleece. We will have a drawing for a pair of alpaca socks.

I have yet to name two of the crias and hope that visitors will come up with some creative names. If I use the name you provide, you will get a mini alpaca toy. So far we have Rhino Express, Halo Glow, Radiant Penny, Steamer Express, Crystal Lilly, and Lady Bug Rose. We have yet to name the newest little girls. Noel's daughter is solid light fawn and sired by JA Maximus. Silver Mistique's daughter is a dark maroon rose gray little girl with white face and tuxedo markings. She is sired by Thomas of Alpaca Junction or Major Fete of Alpaca Junction. We are not sure as she was bred to each a week apart. Come see them for yourself!

See you at the farm,

Sun, Nov 11, 2007 8:40 PM

Well, I never figured it would take so long to get back to our blog. Lots to report some good and some bad.

The AlpacaMania show was really good for our farm. We won blue ribbons in halter and fleece also one color champion. El Ventajo took the beige color champion with his fleece. Diliberate took first place in fleece and halter. Commandante took first place in both fleece and halter too. Finally, Major Fete took first place in fleece and 3rd place in halter.

The end of the show on Sunday provided a scary event that was definitely a significant emotional moment. We had shown in the next to last class of the day with Diliberate and so we were still trying to get photos taken as crews started to tear down the empty pens in the arena. As the panels around our pen were taken away the integrity of out pens was compromised and Commandante managed to have a panel get stuck around his neck as he reached through and then the panel fell down and he went racing through the building with the panel hanging off his neck until some other quick acting people in the barn were able to grab him and remove the panel from him. Thankfully he was only very frightened and not injured. He is such a mellow guy that he was easy for the folks who caught him to stand with him until Jacob could run a halter over to them. I of course was still trying to get down from the upper level with the two big boys Jacob and I had up at the pictures area. Other folks in the arena were able to catch Major as well as he also split at a dead run when the pen came apart. I am very thankful to those who aided in saving Dante(commandante) from potential injury by stopping him from getting out of the barn with the panel around his neck and by calming him so well. I probably took longer to calm down. It was such a helpless feeling watching it go on from the upper deck area. Everyone made it home safely at the end. We had a couple cases of what may have been the "snots" show up in the next week. We had placed all the show attendees in quarantine. Dante came down with the worse case. No surprise since he had had the stress at the show. He had a low grade fever, opaque snotty nose, and some lethargy. We treated him with 3 days of Penicillin and Banamine and he bounced right back. The others needed no treatment.

Our beautiful little golden cria out of Heather and Maximus died overnight at the age of 23 days. He always struck a strong pose, but never quite seemed to have the energy that a cria should. He continued to grow and showed no other signs or symptoms. We had a necropsy done at Oregon State U vet school. The results showed a congenital anomaly of his heart. He basically did not have the left ventricle of his heart. Thus the explanation for not having much energy. The vets think it was a developmental fluke rather than a genetically created fault. We are still saddened by his loss, but feel he is no longer struggling on earth and is romping in the green fields of heaven. You can see a picture of him on the AlpacaWatch .com front page as he died during the same time frame that so many crias have succumbed to death from issues related to the current "snots" issues.

Back onto the joyful side! We had our last cria of the year born on October 30th to Truely Scrumptious. His sire is Night Ruler. We have named him Marauder - Otter for short. He is the biggest cria we have had born on the farm to date. He weighed a whopping 23# a birth, 29.5# at 8 days, and 35# at 16 days. He was so tall that I had to run right out and measure his height. He was 25 inches tall at 2 hours old! He is already wrestling with and holding his own with the 4-6mo. olds. He is the friendliest guy. He comes to you and gives kisses. He has the most beautiful fiber that is soft and crimpy and pretty much the dark rich color of an otter. He has lightening under the belly with black legs and face. I will have to post a picture of him soon.

Now with rebreeding Truely, we should be done for the season. For now everyone is spitting off and I will draw for progesterone levels tomorrow.

Hidalgo is leaving us tomorrow to spend his winter in Texas at Windmill Crest Farms. Joe and Karla will take good care of him and he will get to have many breedings. He has a few crias due this winter for them. Can't wait to see what he adds to the rose gray and silver gray crias he gave them last year. I can't wait to get my Hidalgo cria, Mistique into the show ring next spring.

I'll work on those cria pictures to add here, talk to you soon.

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