Our full service farm provides lush, irrigated, quality grass pastures and a generally mild climate to grow strong and healthy alpacas. We have several pastures with strong fencing and "runs" to facilitate easy moving of the animals. Shelters are provided in each pasture for when the alpacas choose to use them. There are no known predators in our area to date.

High quality grass hay is provided free choice in the winter. We also supplement with a vitamin/mineral pellet year round. During the winter months vitamins A, D, E are increased. Animals will recieve daily care as well as regular nail trimming. Worming and vaccinations according to the needs of our area, are available from our Vet, Dr. Pat Long, or by ourselves for a fee. Other instances of Vet care will be under the owners direction and billed by the vet. Training, brokering, breeding management, birthing supervision/care, and newborn cria care are also available for additional fees.

Pricing and Terms

$3.00/alpaca/day. Cria with dams are free until the age of 4 months. Discounts given for multiple animals and long term contracts. 3 months free boarding is included with the purchase of one of our animals.

Boarding Capacity: 10


We are currently brokering animals for several small farms and have room to provide service to a few more small breeders. We have sold individual alpacas as well as packages to buyers across the United States. We can assist in showing your animals to clients, board them here if it is more convenient for you, provide the contracts, and arrange for a transporter to deliver your sold animals to their new owners. We would love to help you achieve your farm's sales potential!

Pricing and Terms

To be arranged by contract. Generally 10% of sale price at time of sale.